Framing a Japanese Woodcut

Framing sometimes requires a light hand, but there’s no reason simple has to be boring. When our customer brought us this beautiful Japanese woodcut we discussed options. We decided that clean, spare framing treatment in line with the aesthetic of the art. We wanted an effect that would be in harmony with the origin of the artwork and, since the black border and vertical line gives the feel of looking out a window, we decided that the framing should pull the viewer in.

The mat, custom covered in fabric, is the color of the paper to visually expand it and give the artwork some breathing room. A very deep bevel adds depth and draws the eye into the art. The frame is a simple one in a cherry finish, its shape echoing that of the deep mat. Both combine to pull the viewer in as though viewing the scene through a window.

At The Great Frame Up in Irvine, we work every day to make sure your artwork is presented in a way that our customers can enjoy for many years to come, and our customer was thrilled with the results. What can we frame for you?


Framing a Japanese woodcut

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