Photo Boutique

Irvine CA

A wonderful custom framer with many years of experience and can suggest the best way to frame your photograph or memorabilia, especially those of great nostalgic value.

Clifford B

Great service, they did a fantastic job on all my framing

Jonathan C

Irvine CA

The owners of the Great Frame-Up in Irvine have been our trusted framers for thirty years. They have a great eye for color, composition, working with your choices for the perfect design for your artwork.

Dr. Dianna Bolen

Irvine CA

Very skilled staff, high quality work.

Finn Haley

Irvine CA

Mohsen helped frame a unique image for a friend's birthday &his expertise was incredible! He went above & beyond, helping through options (he was kind enough to chat on the weekend too) I highly recommend his craftsmanship & will be going there again


Newport Beach

DJ who works at the Great Frame Up was really insightful with the different framing options. He helped my girlfriend on a little side project we have been wanting to do. He is helping us create a frame around a piece of sheet metal which we intend to put our travel magnets on. He gave us different pricing that let us have options as to what fit our budget. We highly recommend anyone looking to get a frame, go to DJ at the Great Frame Up!

Diyor K.

Fountain Valley, CA

Amazing framing shop. I bought a few prints that my office needed to frame, and these guys did an amazing job, were very helpful and delivered as they promised. I'm definitely coming back here in the future.

Nick E.

Irvine, CA

I bought a cool print online the other day and had these guys frame it for me. The process was a bit pricey and took a couple days. Let me tell you, it came out great. the perfect balance within the frame. I really love it.

Dara S.

Manhattan, NY

I can honestly say that The GREAT Frame Up is an invaluable resource. They really are as good as it gets, lovely, personable, and expert quality. Extremely professional, kind and very organized. They went above and beyond.


Irvine, CA

f you ever need something frame, The Great Frame Up is the place to go. DJ and Mohsen are truly professional and knowledgeable with custom framing! We at Cocoweb appreciate framing companies such as The Great Frame Up in our local community.